IMPORTANT: COVID Protocols for the MorseLife 2022 Event Season

MorseLife has partnered with online platform, VOW Digital Health, to ensure that all event attendees for the 2022 season have been fully vaccinated or will provide a negative COVID test prior to gathering. Every confirmed guest will receive a text message and email from VOW with registration information to be completed prior to attending the first event.

In preparation for receiving the registration text and email, and to learn more about VOW Digital Health, please visit below:
VOW Digital Health for MorseLife Events

VOW Digital Health is the only professional platform dedicated to COVID-clearing at scale for private events. Once you are VOW verified through proof of vaccination, your status will remain for all future MorseLife events and there is no need to upload any health credentials again unless a booster becomes mandatory. Your data and privacy is one of our top priorities. Please refer to our full data privacy and security policy with any questions of concerns.

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